Can Rabbits Eat Clementines?

Can Rabbits Eat Clementines?

A combination of a sweet orange and a mandarin is what a clementine is. It has a glossy appearance and a deep orange color on the outside.

It usually easily segments into between 7 to 14 pieces and can be easily peeled.

When grown commercially it is almost always grown seedless.

So can rabbits eat clementines at all?

Yes, they can eat just a little bit and nothing more than that.

The reason being is that they contain quite a bit of acidic content and are quite sweet.

They also have a bit of calcium and phosphorus content. If a rabbit was to eat more than a few segments in a week they would get a stomach ache.

Therefore moderation is key for rabbits eating clementines.

Can Rabbits Eat Clementine Peels?

No!¬†Rabbits would have a very hard time digesting the peels of clementine’s and therefore it is best to fully avoid trying to feed the peels to your rabbit.

Can Rabbits Eat Clementine Leaves?

Maybe. Your best option is to speak with your vet or staff at the local pet shop to make sure it is okay to feed the leaves to your rabbit. If you are unsure it is just best overall to avoid feeding the leaves to your rabbit.