Can Rabbits Eat Damsons?

Can Rabbits Eat Damsons?

Damsons or damson plums are also known as the edible drupe fruit and are subspecies of the plum.

This fruit has a unique astringent taste and is a relatively small plum.  They are used mostly for preserves and jams in particular by can be added to many other food dishes.

So can rabbits eat damsons at all?

Before we can decide this lets take a closer look at the nutritional facts about this fruit.

Vitamin c 9.5 mg
Water 70%
Fiber 1.4 gmc
Protein 0.70 gm
Phosphorous 16 mg
Potassium 157 mg

Based on what we can see above this fruit has a lot of water in it and phosphorus content.

Therefore if a rabbit was to eat a damson plum it should only be a very small amount and shouldn’t be eaten too often.

Maybe one small segment a week would suffice. Anything more could make a rabbit sick.