Can Rabbits Eat Fries?

Can Rabbits Eat Fries?

Fries are a great junk food that many people enjoy eating with ketchup. They are also known as chips in the United Kingdom.

Once you start eating them you just can’t stop. They come in a variety of kinds as well including thin cut, thick cut and twirly.

So can rabbits eat fries at all?

No, they cannot eat fries at all as this food isn’t good for them.

The first thing to note is that rabbit cannot eat cooked foods. It can actually possibly poison rabbits.

Secondly rabbits are unable to eat foods that have a high concentration of starch in them as it is really bad for their health.

Therefore is it definitely not worth it to try and feed fries to your rabbit. There are many other better choices of foods you can feed to your rabbit.