Can Rabbits Eat Grapefruit?

Can Rabbits Eat Grapefruit?

GrapefruitĀ is known for its sour to semi-sweet flavor and grows on a subtropical citrus tree.

The grapefruit tree grows roughly 5 – 6 meters in height and reaches between 13 – 15 meters across and is an evergreen tree.

The fruit itself is orange and yellow in color and measures between 10 – 15 cm in diameter and has an acidic flesh.

So can rabbits eat grapefruit at all?

Yes, but only one or two small segments a week and nothing more.

Make sure to also avoid giving them the seeds. If you give a rabbit anymore grapefruit it will cause them to have a stomach ache.

The reason being is that this fruit is very acidic and also contains a lot of sugar and therefore should be eaten in moderation by rabbits.