Can Rabbits Eat Guava?

Can Rabbits Eat Guava?

Guava is a tropical fruit that has tough dark leaves.

Psidium guajava (commonly known as guava or lemon guava) is a small tree that is part of the Myrtle family, native to Northern South America, Central America and Mexico.

There are related species that may also be called guavas but this is misleading as they belong to the other species or genera, such as “pineapple guava”.

So can rabbits eat guava safely?

Before we can answer that we should look a little more at the nutritional facts. In particular the sugar, fat, fibre, sodium, acidic and calcium content.

This fruit contains a lot of sugar and quite a bit of acidic content. It also has a hint of calcium and a lot of phosphorus content.

This means rabbits can eat guava but only a few small segments a week at most.

Anything more would be bad for their stomach as its too sweet.