Can Rabbits Eat Jello?

Can Rabbits Eat Jello?

Jello comes in a variety of colors and flavors and is sold in either a powder form (to be made) or ready to eat format.

Kraft Foods has a trademark registered for Jell-O, which is the gelatin desserts which include, puddings, fruit gels and no-bake cream pies.

It contains artificial sweeteners or sugar, flavorings and powdered gelatin.

It dissolves in hot water and is chilled to set.

So can rabbits eat jello at all?

No, they cannot eat jello at all because of the high sugar content and additives.

Jello would hurt the stomach of a rabbit and therefore should be avoided as a food given to rabbits to eat.

Keep this dessert away from rabbits as it could cause diarrhea and other digestive health issues.