Can Rabbits Eat Meat

Can Rabbits Eat Meat

To answer this question – No, rabbits cannot eat meat and should not be fed any meat at all! Rabbits are herbivores and therefore in the wild would only eat such things as grass, hay and leaves and never meat.

Because of this you should never try to feed any type of meat to your rabbit even if its cooked, raw or any other type of meat as it is bad for their health.

Meat would cause digestive issues for rabbits and could cause them to become very sick.  Even if there aren’t any short term symptoms there will be potentially serious long term health issues.

Therefore the best thing to be feeding to your rabbit is fresh timothy hay, quality rabbit pellets and fresh and clean water.

This is the staple of their diet and should be fed to them on a daily basis.


Can I feed my rabbit meat? No!

Do not try and feed any sort of meat to your rabbit. If you are wondering what types of foods to feed to your rabbit click here to learn more about a healthy diet for your rabbit.