Can Rabbits Eat Mulberries?

Can Rabbits Eat Mulberries?

This is a multiple fruit that grows 2 – 3 cms long and its immature fruits are pale yellow, white, or green.

When this fruit is fully ripe the color turns red and pink and then black or dark purple. Additionally when its fully ripe it will have a sweet flavor.

So can rabbits eat mulberries at all?

First lets take a look at the nutritional facts of this fruit before deciding.

Nutritional Information

The main content that will affect rabbits is the fat, acidic content, sodium, sugar, calcium and phosphorus content.

From looking closely at the different amounts of each component it can be seen that mulberries have little calcium, have a hint of fat and are quite acidic.

Therefore this means that rabbits can eat mulberries but only once a week at most due to their acidic nature.

You should not feed your rabbit anymore than once a week to your bunny or they may get sick or have negative side effects.