Can Rabbits Eat Papaya?

Can Rabbits Eat Papaya?

This fruit is grows in warmer regions such as the tropics of the Americas. It is also known as pawpaw or paaw.

When this fruit has an orange or amber colour and has a soft skin it is ripe.

Papayas are often used in traditional medicine, in many different food dishes and as a cooking aid.

So can rabbits eat papaya fruit at all?

Before we can answer that we need to know the nutritional data behind this fruit. The important components include:

  • fat
  • calcium
  • acidic content
  • phosphorus content
  • sugar
  • sodium

If you were to look at the breakdown of the amounts of each component in a papaya you would find there is a lot of sugar and a hint of phosphorus, calcium and acidic content.

What this means is that rabbits can eat papaya but only a very little amount and not too often as they are very sweet.

Make sure to avoid feeding skin and seeds to a rabbit though as it is not good for their health.