Can Rabbits Eat Polos?

Can Rabbits Eat Polos?

Polos (Polo Mints) are a brand name for mints that are defined for their hole in the middle.

They have a peppermint flavor and were originally manufactured in the UK in 1948 at the Rowntree’s Factory, York by John Bargewell.

They came in a variety of flavours.

The name came from the word “Polar’ which is meant to be the fresh and cool feeling and therefore it is the same feeling you get when you suck on a Polo.

So can rabbits eat polos?

No, they cannot at all.

This candy is extremely bad for them as it is just way too sweet and it would hurt their tummy.

This candy is best to be left for only humans to eat and give your rabbit some fresh hay, water and veggies.