Can Rabbits Eat Rosemary

Can Rabbits Eat Rosemary

To get right to the point and answer this question yes rabbits can eat rosemary but it needs to be in moderation. Even though rosemary can provides some vitamins and nutrients to rabbits moderation is the key as it can cause an upset stomach and possibly other health issues if over eaten by rabbits.

More Detailed Answer

As an owner of pets including rabbits you may wonder to yourself from time to time what can I do in order to spice up my pets diet and make it more interesting but still healthy.

One of the things you may consider to feed to your pet rabbit is rosemary.

The good news is that rabbits can indeed eat rosemary but moderation is very important here. Even though rosemary can includes some vitamins and nutrients that are good for a rabbits health you need to limit how much they eat.

If a rabbit eats too much rosemary it can possibly cause digestive issues and other health issues in the future. Therefore you should slowly introduce this new food to their diet and not give it to them too often.

Once a week at most is fine and just a small amount. Make sure the rosemary doesn’t have any chemicals or anything on them as well. Needs to be all natural.

If you are unsure make sure to contact your local pet store of your veterinarian to get more details. If you are still unsure please just avoid trying to feed this food to your rabbit.