Can Rabbits Eat Sultanas?

Rabbits are wonderful pets to have and sometimes we may wonder if its safe to feed them a certain type of food.

In this article we will answer the question – Can Rabbits Eat Sultanas?

Can Rabbits Eat Sultanas

What Are Sultanas?

Before we get into the answer we should discuss what sultanas are.

The sultana is a pale green (white), oval seedless grape that has a variety of names. Those names include:

  • Thompson Seedless (United States)
  • Lady de Coverly (England)
  • Oval-Fruited Kishmish (Turkey, Iran, Palestine)

So in other words a sultana is basically a large grape or raisin.

Now the question still remains are they safe to be feeding to your rabbit?

Are Sultanas Safe For Rabbits To Eat?

The quick and short answer is yes they are safe but only in a very limited quantity as they are high in sugar content.

Rabbits love to eat them and this food will make them very happy.

Just make sure you do not feed too many to your bunny as they are high in sugar content and could cause issues for your rabbit.

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