Can Rabbits Eat Tangerines?

Can Rabbits Eat Tangerines?

Tangerines are a citrus fruit that are closely related to the mandarin. They are orange in color and smaller than the common orange.

The great thing about tangerines is that they are normally easier to split into segments and peel.

They taste sweeter, stronger and less sour than a regular orange.

So can rabbits eat tangerines are all?

Let’s first look at the nutritional information about tangerines to determine how safe they are for rabbits.

In particular their:

  • acidic
  • sodium
  • sugar
  • fibre
  • phosphorus

The content above is what is most important when it comes to a rabbits health.

If you were to look into the amounts of each of the nutritional facts about tangerines you would see they contain a lot of sugar and have a little phosphorus and acidic content.

Therefore this means that rabbits can eat tangerines but on a small amount.

At most only one or two segments a week should be enough as they are just too sweet for rabbits to eat safely more than that.

Make sure that the tangerine is peeled and its only a very small amount.

Make sure to keep them away from the baby bunnies.