Can Rats Eat Sweet Potato

Can Rats Eat Sweet Potato

No  Рsweet potatoes are actually very highly toxic for rats and should be completely avoided. Never try and feed this vegetable to your rat on purpose.

More Detailed Answer

Sweet potatoes have been domesticated for roughly 5000 years and are great dishes for humans to eat and are healthy too. However just because this vegetable is healthy for humans to eat doesn’t mean the same for rats.

Nutritional Value

Some of the things sweet potatoes are known for is that they are made up of:

  • have lots of complex carbohydrates
  • they are starchy
  • dietary fiber
  • beta-carotene
  • Vitamin B5
  • B6
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin C

Some rat owners may think that feed cooked sweet potatoes is a great treat for their rat because of all the nutritional values listed above but in fact there is a substance in sweet potatoes that are very toxic to rats.

This compound that is found in sweet potatoes will turn into cyanide when inside a rat’s stomach. This means that they veggie can prove to be deadly to a rat and should be completely avoided.

Even though when the sweet potato is cooked is loses some of its potency it is still toxic to rats and should be avoided.

If your rat eats some sweet potato you should watch for negative health symptoms and if they get worse you may want to consider taking your rat to the vet.