Can Turtles Eat Salmon?

Can Turtles Eat Salmon?

To answer the question can turtles eat salmon the answer is yes. It is actually very good for their shells.

It is important to note though that not all turtle species are carnivores and some only eat vegetation.

For the meat eating turtles salmon can be a good option as a treat for them if taken off the bones and served carefully to them.

Remember that moderation is key and too much of any food is bad for a turtles health.

Therefore a turtles diet should consist of a variety of things such as salmon, turtle pets, and other meats if they are the carnivores types of turtles.

To learn more about other types of foods turtles can safely eat and cannot eat check out this section of our website.


Yes, turtles can eat salmon as a treat on occasion.

It has properties within it that are good for a turtles shell.

If you have any questions about feeding salmon to your turtle beforehand it is best to speak with a local pet shop to get more answers or your vet.