Can Turtles Eat Tomatoes

This may sound like a weird question to some but for turtle owners it is an important one to know the answer to – Can turtles eat tomatoes?

Can Turtles Eat Tomatoes?

The surprising answer is that turtles do LOVE eating tomatoes! And the best part is that tomatoes are safe for your turtle to eat!

Something that should be considered though before feeding tomatoes to your turtle is that you shouldn’t give them to your turtle too often. Once a week or a little less to be on the safe side.

How Often Can Turtles Eat Tomatoes?

As mentioned above it is safe to give your turtle tomatoes but you need to do it in moderation.

If you feed your turtle too many tomatoes it can cause them to get sick and may cause a variety of other health issues for your turtle.

The problem with tomatoes is that they contain excess sugar which can cause your turtles stomach to bloat which then leads to pain and grave discomfort.

Additionally they may cause your turtle to get diarrhea and can invite parasites to live in their stomach.

Different Diets Based On Turtle Types

Whenever you have a question of what types of foods you can feed your turtle its first important to know what type of turtle you have.

Depending on the species of turtle you have there are different types of foods that they eat based on their natural habitats.

For example the Hermmans turtle which is from the Mediterranean does not have access to much fruits in its natural habitats and therefore can get health issues if eating fruit.

The cause is that their body is not use to the large amounts of sugar and therefore unable to handle it.

The same goes with tomatoes as they contain large amount of sugar.

If you feed tomatoes to a certain type of turtle that isn’t accustom to the sugar it can cause an imbalance in their intestines.

However you shouldn’t worry as there are lots of options for what you can feed your turtle that are inexpensive and easily accessible at pet stores.

Turtle Food

So the question now should be if you cannot feed too many tomatoes to your turtle then what is the best diet for your turtle?

Again this depends on the type of turtle you have. Depending on the type of turtle you have it can change from omnivore, herbivore or carnivore.

Commercial turtle food comes in a variety of designs as well such as sticks, chunks and/or pellets.

This commercial turtle food which you can get from local pet stores or online has a balanced amount of nutrition that your turtle needs to stay healthy.

Foods that contain a good proportion of protein are usually good for your turtle such as: mealworms, boiled eggs, snails, earthworms and crickets.

Learn more on what turtles eat.

Garden Turtles

One good place you may want to keep your pet turtle is in the garden.

They are useful in the garden because they consume several pesky insects that will harm your plants. Also turtles don’t normally harm the plants themselves.

However you need to be careful having your turtle in the garden as they may try to eat your tomatoes if you are growing them because they love tomatoes.

Make sure you have some sort of fence around the tomatoes to keep the turtles out.


Can turtles eat tomatoes? Yes but only in very small portions as they contain too much sugar.