Can Cats Eat Haggis

Can Cats Eat Haggis

Before we can answer this question we should answer what is haggis and what are the main ingredients in this food.

Haggis is a pudding dish that contains minced onion, sheep’s pluck, spices, suet, oatmeal and mixed with stock. It is cooked in an animal’s stomach when cooking it traditionally or a artificial casing instead.

The main ingredients of haggis include:

  • Oatmeal
  • Sheep’s Heart
  • Liver and Lungs (Sheep)
  • Stomach or sausage casing
  • onion
  • Suet
  • Spices

Therefore the answer to the question is no a cat cannot eat haggis mainly because of the onion and spices included in this food.

Onions can cause a cat to experience gastrointestinal issues. Onions can also cause onion poisoning. And the worst case it can lead to anemia and dehydration. Possibly even death.

Therefore you should never try and feed haggis to your cat as it isn’t good for their health and there is no nutritional benefits. Just avoid this food at all costs when it comes to your cats diet.