Can Dogs Eat Cumin?

Can Dogs Eat Cumin?

Cumin is often known for is health and medicinal purposes and that is why humans often consume it but can dogs safely eat it as well?

In small amounts dogs can generally safely eat cumin. However in larger doses it can trigger gas and digestion problems.

Some people often give small amounts of cumin to senior dogs in order to enhance their immune systems and boost energy levels.

However before you get cumin and sprinkle it on your dogs food you should consult your vet to find out what is the right dosage is for your dog. Too much can cause health concerns for your dog and isn’t worth the risk.

Additionally if your dog is on blood thinners or a history of thin blood you should avoid giving them any supplements and this includes cumin.


Dogs can eat cumin it very small doses and only after consulting with your vet. Otherwise it is best to just avoid this supplement altogether in their diet in order to be safe.