Do Chinchillas Get Depressed?

Do Chinchillas Get Depressed?

From time to time some pet owners may notice that their pets are looking down and can be depressed.

This definitely worries anyone especially pet owners that just want to see their beloved pet (family member) be happy all the time.

So do chinchillas get depressed?

Yes, unfortunately chinchillas can get depressed like other animals can. It is possible for them to some times feel isolated or alone which causes them to be depressed.

Chinchillas are social creatures and enjoy company and interactions with humans.

Therefore if they do not get the attention they want they may get depressed.

In particular a female chinchilla is more likely to experience depression as compared to a male.

One thing you can do in your home is to put bags somewhere within their cage so they can interact with it to keep themselves busy.

Also make sure that you play and interact a lot with you chinchilla so they do not get depressed.

The other option is to get more than one chinchilla so they have a friend to play with.