Can Dogs Eat Coleslaw?

Can Dogs Eat Coleslaw?

First of all before we can tell you if coleslaw is safe for a dog to eat or not we should discuss what the main ingredients of Coleslaw is. It is mainly mayonnaise and raw cabbage.

Mayo it self has absolutely no nutritional value for a dog and therefore shouldn’t be fed to a dog. It can also cause health concerns such as weight gain.

Secondly, raw cabbage is bad for a dogs health because it causes severe intestinal gas issues for a dog.

Therefore to answer this questions: NO you should not feed coleslaw to your dog because it will cause more health concerns for your dog then do any good.

Another reason coleslaw is bad for your dog is because they could chock on it because of the texture. Therefore it isn’t worth risking giving coleslaw to your dog.

There are many other free fruits and vegetables that you can feed to your dog that are safe and can be found here.


No, do not try and feed coleslaw to your dog because it can result in some of the following issues for your dog:

  • Chocking Hazard
  • Severe Intestinal Gas Issues
  • Possible Weight Gain
  • It has no nutritional value for dogs
  • Possibly Diarrhea and vomiting
  • And more

So just avoid giving coleslaw to your dog because it isn’t worth it and will cause a variety of health concerns for your dog.