Can Dogs Eat Paska?

Can Dogs Eat Paska?

Paska is a traditional Ukrainian Easter bread that is often eating during easter holidays in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Iran, Belarus, Armenia, Romania, Moldova, Georgia and part of Bulgaria.

The main ingredients in paska is milk, butter, eggs and sugar. Some other ingredients that may be included are cottage cheese, sour cream, rum and raisins.

So can dogs safely eat paska or not?

Unfortunately no a dog can not safely eat this easter dessert because there are too many ingredients in it that are not good for a dogs healthy. Especially the sugar can cause a lot of concerns for a dogs health such as diabetes and weight gain.

There really is no nutritional benefits for a dog to eat paska in the first place unfortunately and therefore it is best for you to avoid trying to feed this dessert to your dog.

There are many better options and desserts usually aren’t on the top of the list for a dogs health.


No, dogs cannot eat paska because there are too many ingredients in it that aren’t good for a dogs health.

Additionally in some cases a sugar spread with sprinkles is put on top of the paska and this makes the dish even worse for a dogs health. So no do not let your dog eat paska as its bad for their overall health.

Image Credit: AMartiniouk