Can Dogs Eat Pepperoncini Peppers?

Can Dogs Eat Pepperoncini Peppers?

First of all we should answer the question what is a Pepperoncini Pepper and how hot is it?

A pepperoncini pepper is from Europe and more specifically it originates from Greece and Italy and is tied to the chili.

On a spice level it is barely above a bell pepper on the Scoville scale and therefore its not very spicy. But can dogs safely eat a pepperoncini pepper?

First it is important to note that dogs cannot eat any spicy peppers at all because it will cause them all sorts of health related issues such as upset stomach, diarrhea and possibly vomiting.

In the case of a pepperoncini pepper it isn’t very spicy and therefore in small amount should be okay for your dog to consume as long as it does not affect your dog.

Some dogs have sensitive stomachs and therefore do not react well to peppers and therefore they should be avoided at all costs. Additionally if you are unsure you should just avoid feeding this pepper to your dog.

However in small amounts pepperoncini peppers should be fine for your dog.

The good thing about these peppers is that they are low in calories which is ideal for a dog. As well they have antioxidant properties along with other vitamins.

Therefore mixing a little bit of pepperoncini peppers into their dog food should be fine.

If you are still concerns make sure to consult your pet shop or vet.


Yes, pepperoncini should be safe for your dog to consume in small quantities.