20 Fun Facts About Gerbils

Gerbils are some of the greatest pets you could ever own. They can be entertaining pets that are popular across the world and incredibly fascinating. Enjoy these fun facts about gerbils below that are sure to amuse you.

Facts About Gerbils

If you are simply only interested in gerbils or are trying to find some interesting facts about Gerbils to help with a homework project, then here are 20 interesting facts about Gerbils below.

For the most part we’re referring to the Mongolian Gerbil that is the species of Gerbil that most folks have as a pet.

20 Cool Facts About Gerbils

  1. The Gerbil became popular as pets when they were first imported into the UK in 1964
  2. Gerbils can be seen in the wild in desert regions across Africa, Asia and India
  3. Gerbils can be territorial creatures. They use their scent gland that is found on their torso, to indicate their land. They do that by rubbing up against an item with their torso
  4. Between two to three years is how long gerbils can live in the wild
  5. If Gerbils are looked after well they can live between 4 – 6 years in captivity
  6. They will always inquire about matters and are very inquisitive creatures
  7. They will just attack others when they are provoked and are not competitive by nature
  8. In the wild they live in family groups which are composed of a female and a male and then generations of their kids
  9. Mongolian Gerbils are between six and twelve inches long including their tail
  10. The tail makes up over half the span of a Mongolian Gerbil
  11. Gerbils weigh approximately 70 grams
  12. Their body is covered with fur including their tails
  13. They don’t have much scent and are very clean creatures
  14. A female will procreate at a young age until she’s about two years old, a man will have the ability to stay fertile throughout his entire life
  15. Gerbils don’t only conjugate in a specific season, they mate through the year
  16. Their pregnancy only lasts 21 to 26 days. This is the gestation period
  17. They’re born blind, deaf and without hair
  18. Because their bodies try and keep as much water in them as possible, they seldom urinate
  19. The assortment of colours of the Mongolian gerbil is as a result of selective breeding
  20. Gerbils are from the exact same family of animals as rats, mice, guinea pigs and hamsters, which is the rodent family and are mammals