Frontline Flea And Tick Review For Your Dog

Frontline Flea And Tick Review

It looks like flea and tick treatments for your dog have nearly existed as long as fleas. They’ve definitely been around long enough to have some brands appear as household names. Frontline Plus is one of those well-known brands, and even non-dog owners understand they exist. Does that make this product great? Let’s take a closer look at Frontline Flea and Tick to find out if the product is right for your dog.

A Closer Look At Frontline Flea And Tick

First of all the question should be asked is what is Frontline Flea and tick suppose to do and how can it help protect your dog from parasites, fleas and ticks?

If you’ve seen the Frontline commercial you’ll remember seeing a group of 3 green ninjas who are deployed onto a dogs back to fight off a large group of ticks and hungry parasites. These animated mascots are a symbol of what this product should be doing for your dog.

This product is a topical cream that you apply to your dog and it is meant to fend off ticks and flea from your dog for up to 30 days upon application. The product is made to kill larvae, eggs and ticks that are found on your dog.

As per its reputation amongst people who use the product it is meant to work fast. In some studies done it has shown that the product can start to kill off ticks and fleas in as quickly as four hours after it is initially applied. In other studies it has been shown that the product can as quickly as 12 hours eradicate a 100% of the fleas present on your dog.

How Frontline Works

The way to product works is twofold. The product has 2 active ingredients that are responsible for dispatching the ticks and fleas on your dog. They are Fipronil and (S)-methoprene.

One of the main ingredients goes after the eggs and larvae while the other attacks adult ticks and fleas.

Frontline flea and tick kills the parasites by doing it on the dog’s coat. This is different than other flea and tick medication such as flea collars which actually absorb into the dog’s skin and is activated through a flea bite.

With Frontline Plus the parasite just need to jump on to your four-legged friend’s fur and will experience and quick and easy death.

This product can also be used to handle chewing lice. These wingless critters are not as common as ticks and fleas but they can still cause your dog a considerable amount of pain and its better to have them eradicated from your dog before they cause your dog any pain.

One of the best parts about Frontline flea and tick is its simple application. you can easily apply the product to your dog by squeezing the contents of the individual package onto a single spot on your dog’s skin between the shoulder blades. Once all the contents of the tube is emptied onto the dogs skin you just need to let the product dry and it will eventually do its thing.

Important Notice

It is very important that you apply the content of the Frontline product between the shoulder blades of the dog. This is done for the simple reason as its the only place your dog cannot lick itself. You do not want your dog to lick this product off their body.

The best part at this point is that the product does not need to be reapplied for another 30 days. In addition the product is waterproof so your dog can still enjoy summer time activities such as swimming in the lake.

When it comes to the prices of Frontline Plus the prices can vary based on a few things:

  • Size of dog breed
  • 3 or 6 month doses

Depending on how large your dog is and how many doses you want it will change the price of the product accordingly.

If you breakdown the cost it will work out to roughly $10 to $15 a month per dose to product your dog from ticks and fleas. Considering how important this medication is for your dog and how easy it is to apply its worth it.

Is This Product Right For Your Pup?

Well that really depends if you are the type of pet owner that wants to rest assured that your pet will be happy and healthy.

  • Do you want to protect your pets health and spend only $10 to $15 a month?
  • Do you want an option that is easy and quick to apply to your dog?
  • Do you want to make sure your dog never suffers from these painful parasites?

If you answer yes to these questions then maybe this product is right for your pet.

Make sure when purchasing this product that you carefully follow the instructions on the label and if you have any questions you contact your veterinarian.