25 Guinea Pig Facts That Kids Will Love

Guinea pigs are some of the most adorable and finest pets you could own. You may be only genuinely interested in them or are trying to find some entertaining and fascinating guinea pigs facts to help with a homework project. Below are 25 Interesting Facts About Guinea Pigs for everyone to enjoy.

25 Guinea Pig Facts

  1. Originally from the Andes mountains in South America is where guinea pigs originated
  2. A female guinea pig is called a ‘sow’ and a male guinea pig is called a ‘boar’
  3. A baby guinea pig is called a ‘pup’
  4. You will know if a guinea pig is really happy because they will ‘purr’
  5. Guinea pigs get a lot of water from eating grass but need to drink water to stop being thirsty
  6. They are very social animals that enjoy the company of humans and other animals
  7. They love to contact and love to be held
  8. A guinea pig will only bite if it believes your hand is food and will not bite in defense
  9. They do not produce vitamin C themselves and therefore need a supplement of it
  10. Guinea pigs are very tame and therefore very easy to handle
  11. A guinea pig is very particular about the weather and neither likes temperatures to be very hot or very cold. Just right!
  12. It’s amazing that a baby guinea pig (pup) can run after just being born 3 hours earlier!
  13. Guinea Pig Facts

  14. A guinea pig will tend to breed in the summer months
  15. They are only pregnant for 70 days
  16. After being born for only 5 days a guinea pig has the ability to live on its own
  17. A ‘cavy’ is another name for a guinea pig
  18. If a guinea pig stretches out you know its relaxed
  19. Unfortunately there are places in South America that eat guinea pigs as food
  20. If a guinea pig was to live in the wild it would go around in a herd
  21. A guinea pig has a lifespan of 15 years
  22. 258 bones is the amount of bones in a guinea pigs body
  23. Since a guinea pig cannot sweat like humans they like to sit in the shade when possible as they overheat very quickly. Learn how to keep your guinea pig cool in hot weather.
  24. They are very agile and fast and can turn without a moments notice
  25. A natural habitat for a guinea pig is grassy plains
  26. When a guinea pig is scared they either go silent or squeal. Additionally you know a guinea pig is very scared if they rub their teeth together to make a singing sound

So there you have it, some really interesting guinea pig facts you can share with the whole family. If you loved these guinea pig facts make sure you leave a comment below to let us know which one you liked best.