How Long Can A Hamster Go Without Food And Water

How Long Can A Hamster Go Without Food And Water

To find out the answer to the question how long can a hamster go without food and water will depend on a couple of factors.

The two things essential for things to live is both food and water.  Luckily a lot of animals have the ability to live a very long time without food and water unlike humans. These types of animals have a tendency to store their foods for later consumption.

Storing food in their belly and cheeks isn’t an uncommon way for them to keep their food for a later date. As for a hamster they don’t require a good quantity of water or a proper diet to survive for long periods of time.

How Long Can A Hamster Go Without Food And Water (The Real Truth)

Unfortunately we cannot accurately guess exactly how many days a hamster can go without water and food.

There are a few factors that will determine how long this time period is such as their age and health and the care they receive from their owner.

A general rule of thumb is that a hamster can live in regular life elements for roughly 3 or 4 days without food and water.

However on the other hand if a hamster was not properly taken care of from a young age and kept at the ideal temperature while growing up they may not survive for more than two days without food or water.

What Makes A Hamster Healthy?

The general life expectancy of a hamster is roughly around 3 years.  This varies depending on the leave of care they get from their owners. Factors such as being kept at the suitable temperature and protected from extreme hot and cold conditions.

Providing the hamster with the right types of foods that generate extra fat they need to survive and have a healthy lifestyle. Food such as pellets, seeds, veggies, fruits and Timothy Hay.

Hamsters need to keep dry and away from water. If a hamster was to become wet and not dried they could be at risk of developing pneumonia and could become very weak and die. If not it could cause them health problems in the future.

Can Hamsters Store Water & Food?

Hamsters actually do have the ability to store food in their cheeks for a day or 2. However they cannot store water for long periods of time like an animal such as a camel can do.

They also have a tendency to store food in their beds to keep for a rainy day just in case they are left alone in their cage for longer periods of time.

Unfortunately if a hamster were to be left in the wild and didn’t have a source of water of food they could run into issues for storing food for future consumption.

What To Do If A Hamster Hasn’t Had Water And Food For A Few Days

If you find your hamster is weak and could possibly be suffering from an infection due to not eating food or water for days the first thing to do is give them water to get hydrated.

It is possible that at this point your hamster could be malnourished and sick and therefore you can buy electrolyte solution from the pet store to provide them with some energy.

Another option is to use a dropped and put water in their mouth to keep them hydrated. Make sure if you do this method to never push the dropper right into their throat as it could harm them.

As your hamster could be dehydrated it is best to start with only one drop of water at a time and wait for them to swallow before doing another.

One option is to buy Oxbow critical care from a specialty pet store or get from your vet to mix with water to give to your hamster.

The other option if you think you cannot handle the situation is to take your hamster to the vet to help them take a look at your hamster and help you.

Dehydration Symptoms

If you think your hamster is dehydrated it is really important that you notice the symptoms and get them hydrated again as it could be life threatening and even kill them.

Especially during hot weather and summer months it is easy for a hamster to get heat stroke which is really bad for their health.

The best thing to do is make sure that fresh water is always available for them at any given moment for them to drink.  If you notice your hamster becoming weak at all it is a good idea to try and get them to drink water.

One way to check if a hamster is dehydrated is by lightly pinching the skin around the neck and see if it goes back into normal position relatively quickly. If it does not go back to the normal position the hamster may be dehydrated.

If you are unsure of how long your hamster may have been dehydrated it is best to visit the veterinary clinic as soon as possible and get the hamster checked out.

The vet will provide you with some good insight into the best re-hydration methods and the right electrolytes needs to get them better.