Teddy Guinea Pig

A Teddy Guinea pig also has a Satin cousin and is part of the Caviidae family.

Teddy Guinea Pig

This type of guinea pig has become a very popular pet recently and for good reason.

A Teddy guinea pig has a great personality, warms up to people quickly and is very friendly to children. They are a great pet for families because they are extremely low maintenance.

They are still however energetic animals and have a friendly persona.

If you don’t look very closely at a Teddy you would think they are like the common American breed but if you look more closely you’ll see the clear differences.

What Makes The Teddy Guinea Pig Special?

One of the most distinct features of a Teddy is there dense and rough coat.

If you were to pet an American guinea pig and then a Teddy you would definitely notice the difference instantly.

Even though a Teddy’s coat is usually wiry there are still some teddy’s that have soft coats.

However if you were planning to show your guinea pig in a show then the rough coats are more favorable according to the judges.

Teddy’s are also known for their “Roman nose” which is their upturned nose.

Their nose is wider and a big curvier compared to other types of guinea pigs.

This type of nose is also found on an American guinea pig and this why these two types of guinea pigs are often confused with each other.


The Teddy has became recognized as a breed in 1978.

The Teddy guinea pig is a result of genetic mutation.

As mentioned before this type of guinea pig is quite popular now and can be found in most pet stores.


They can be found in a variety of common guinea pig colors.

The Agouti patterns are pretty common for this type of breed.


The coat of this type of guinea pig looks just like that of a teddy bear and therefore they got their name from it.

Their coat is fuzzy, dense and short.

The texture of their coat can range from soft to something similar to a Brillo pad.

Their coast is a lot shorter than most other breeds of guinea pigs.

There is also a Satin Teddy guinea pig but they are less common than the standard Teddy.

The Satin Teddy is also recognized by the ACBA.


Taking care of a teddy is pretty easy compared to other breeds of guinea pigs because grooming doesn’t need to be done often.

If you can brush their coat at least once a week to remove debris that may irritate their skin they will feel better.

Don’t worry about a Teddy’s hair getting tangled up as that is inevitable.

You should use a thin or slick brush that can be used to help remove any loose hair from the rugged coat.

Since a Teddy has very dry skin it isn’t recommended to give your teddy a bath more than 3 times a year. ┬áTherefore you should try and keep your teddy as clean as possible.

Also a Teddy’s ears will need to be cleaned from time to time as a lot of earwax will build up in their ears.

In order to clean their ears you can take a warm damp cloth to clean out the inside of their ears.

If the wax still doesn’t come out if you can use mineral oil of loosen the wax. They may produce unpleasant sounds or shrieks but its important to clean their ears often.

Remember to give your guinea pig a lot of attention as they love to play and enjoy the attention.