What Do Baby Lizards Eat

What Do Baby Lizards Eat

When considering what to feed to a baby lizard it is important to understand that the diets of baby lizards vary depending on the type of species you have.

However majority of young lizards will eat invertebrates and other insects.  Some types of foods include:

However on the other hand some foods for baby lizards to avoid include: wasps, spiders, ants and some other offensive species.

In addition to feeding your baby lizard with the appropriate foods it is also good to consider the size of food you are feeding to your young lizard in proportion to their body.

When they are very little they will need food that they can fit in their mouth and eat easily. As they get older their food they can be feed can get bigger.

It is very important to keep this fact in mind because a lot of lizards die from eating food too big for their bodies. Often lizards can choke on their prey and die or die later from complications from the food they ate.

Avoid these complications all together by only feeding food that is no longer than the lizards mouth is wide.

The best option is to provide a higher quantity of food they can fit in their mouth without choking compared to fewer large food items they can possibly choke on.

Some common species of lizards such as anoles, fence lizards and skinks usually love to eat beetles, crickets and cockroaches.

As mentioned above the most important thing to note is that you cannot give your baby lizard food that is too big for them to safely eat as it could cause health complications or death.

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