What Do Beavers Eat

What Do Beavers Eat

Beavers are large rodents that love swimming and living in the water. Beavers are one of those animals that are strictly vegetarian.

They really love eating such things as bark, foliage, twigs and aquatic plants to name a few things.

Tree Bark

One of the most favorite things that beavers enjoy eating is the inner bark of a tree in particular.

The beaver’s diet changes throughout the seasons and depending on the time of the year certain foods will be available. During the winter when the weather is a lot colder beavers will eat a lot more bark.

In the spring and fall woody plants will take up roughly half of their diet.  However in the summertime it will only take up roughly 10 percent of their diet.

They usually prefer Aspen trees but will also eat black cherry, alder, maple, birch, and beech trees.

Besides just eating the bark beavers also enjoy eating the “cambium” which is the part right beneath the bark that is softer to chew on.

Other Woody Plants

There are beavers that won’t stop at only the bark of the trees but also eat the foliage and twigs.

Some other types of trees they like to eat the foliage from include: red maples, willows and aspens.

Summertime Diet

During the warmer months of the year a beaver will not just stick to bark but eat other foods such as sedge plants and aquatic plants.

Some of the plants they like to eat include:

  • Rhizomes
  • pond weeds
  • bulrush
  • cattails
  • water lilies
  • ferns
  • leaves
  • grasses

Fish Are Safe

Even though fish and Beavers share the water together in terms of where they live fish can feel safe around beavers as they rarely eat them.

Beavers are pretty much strictly vegetarians and will stick to their bark and aquatic plants as their main source of food.