What Do Butterflies Eat

What Do Butterflies Eat

Interesting enough butterflies don’t actually eat anything all. Well at least not in the traditional matter. What do butterflies eat is more like them getting their nourishment for their bodies from drinking.

A butterfly has a long narrow tube called a proboscis that acts like a straw which they use to drink from flowers.

What a butterfly will do is just sit on top of a flower and drink the nectar of that flower in order to get the “food” that they need.

If there are a group of butterflies what they do when drinking is go to a small puddle on the ground or some wet areas on plants and leaves and drink there.

Interesting Butterfly Fact

A butterfly has the ability to taste with its feet!

Each butterfly has six legs and by just standing on a flower they will use the sensors in their legs in order to taste the flower.

Butterfly Food?

Well as we mentioned above to the question what do butterflies eat the answer is that they only drink. And because of that the food that butterflies eat is only things that will dissolve in water.

This includes such things as:

  • tree sap
  • nectar from flowers
  • rotting fruit
  • pollen
  • dung

Butterflies also are attracted to sweat and salt (mainly sodium).

The sodium is actually important for the butterflies reproduction along with a few other minerals.


A butterfly will drink things such as nectar, tree sap, pollen, rotting fruit and dung from flowers.

Butterflies don’t actually eat food but only drink their nutrients.