What Do Dragonflies Eat

Among the more fascinating insects are dragonflies. They can quickly zip and zoom around swamps, lakes, and other water habitats in ways that are astonishing. Find out the answer below to ‘What do Dragonflies eat‘ to satisfy your curiosity about dragonflies.

What Do Dragonflies Eat?

These small insects are a few of the greatest eaters in the insect kingdom and they have eating habits that are different based on what phase of their life cycle they’re in.

The various phases of their life essentially include nymphs, or infants, and adults. They live their very first period of life submerged in water and their second phase of life flying about.

What Do Dragonflies Eat?

How Often Do They Eat?

Dragonflies will eat continuously regardless of where the food comes from and in addition to that, as it is possible to observe, they eat in distinct phases of their life is in different phases.

Essentially they’re eating machines which are valuable to us and we are fortunate to have them.

If you look closely next time you will probably see that a dragonfly will have a mouthful next time you see one.

Nymphs or Babies

They instantly have an appetite when dragonflies are born and its a really good appetite!

They are able to start to feed right away, seeking for bugs that they can eat since they are excellent at hunting and are insectivores. It is often said that these little creatures can eat their whole body weight in less than an hour.

They will always eat, eat, eat and never get fully satisfied. This is really valuable to any or all people, and aids to control the bug population, obviously.

Favourite Food 

Their favourite meals are mosquito larvae though they’ll eat almost anything. When they hatch into adults the meals transform, but the insatiable desire will not.

Adult Dragonflies

As grownups that can fly, they are going to mostly eat insects that are flying.

They do so effortlessly and can get bugs flying about. Almost none can escape them, since they’re really quick. They make it look effortless, however until they can properly use their legs it makes its slightly more difficult for them to catch other bugs with their legs.

Favourite Bug For Adult Dragonflies

If there aren’t enough flying insects, they are going to revert to ants and other land-based bugs. A dragonfly is essentially going to eat, no matter what species.

They are able to additionally eat other things we really don’t need them to eat such as bees, although they eat mostly bugs we find as pests.

It is often said that an entire hive may be eaten if not cautious, so this really is a thing to remember if you keep bees. It might be wonderful to have them around to keep the mosquito population down, however you can visualize in case you are not conscious what they’ll do to your beehive!