What Do Lizards Eat

Lizards are among one of the largest groups of reptiles with over 3,800 different types of species recorded. If you are interested in learning what do lizards eat keep reading this informative guide below to learn more about these amazing creatures.

What Do Lizards Eat?

What Do Lizards Eat In Their Natural Habitat?

Lizards come in a variety of sizes from only a few inches in length to nearly ten feet in length. As such their weight can go from a few ounces to hundreds of pounds.

Lizards can be so diverse in how they look and sometimes how they act that it is sometimes surprising to believe they come from the same family. Lizards can range some small little geckos to huge komodo dragons.

Even though lizards can be so different they do have some overlapping characteristics such as:

  • acute vision
  • cold-blooded
  • overlapping scales

Lizards can make long living companions that are friendly.

To make sure that a lizard has a long and healthy life it is important to give lizards the proper nutrition that they need.

In the wild a lizard will have a vastly different diet then it would have in captivity and its important to understand what they need to eat in order to keep a pet lizard healthy and happy.

If you want know more about a lizards diet read the section below.

What Do Wild Lizards Eat?

Since there is such a wide variety of lizards there is no such thing as a standard diet for lizards. Depending on the size of the lizard the diets can vary.

For smaller lizards such as geckos, anoles and chameleons they eat mostly insects including crickets and flies.

In addition they also eat:

  • snails
  • spiders
  • caterpillars

On the other hand larger lizards will eat bigger prey such as:

  • deer
  • pigs
  • possibly even unlucky humans

These very large prey are normally only consumed by some of the largest lizards such as the komodo dragon which also has a special bacteria in their saliva that is used to paralyze and kill prey.

It is good to note that not all lizards are carnivores though and some are herbivorous such as iguanas.

Iguanas enjoy to climb trees and eat such things as fruits, leaves and berries.

Lizards live on every continent except for Antarctica and therefore their diets are highly specialized so its important to know where you lizard is from to determine the best diet for them.

What Do Baby Lizards Eat?

A baby lizard is capable of eating the same things as an adult lizard so don’t make any special considerations for their diet compared to adults.

However depending on the type of lizard and where it is from this will dictate how you take care of your lizard and what you will feed it.

To find out more about what baby lizards eat click here.

How To Care For Lizards

If you ever happen to find a adult or baby lizard outside its usually best to leave them be but if its cold our you’d like to have the lizard as a pet there are a few thing needed to be done to take care of them.

You will need to get a cage or small container for them depending on their size.

In the container you will need to have UV light or heat on one side and nothing on the other side. This will allow the lizards to cool down and not overheat if they don’t want the warm temperature from the heat source.

There should be some sort of ground cover in the container and a water dish and some live crickets for eating.

At this point you should research to find out exactly what type of lizard you have as depending on the type you have will determine which type of food you should be feeding it.

As well it would be a good idea to take a visit to the veterinarian to see if the lizard has any possibly fatal parasites.

At this point your new found pet lizard should be ready to make the transition from the wild to captivity.

What Do Pet Lizards Drink And Eat?

Some lizards are known to be very difficult to take care of while there are many lizards that are very hardy and versatile.

The most common pet lizards are insectivores which means they can be kept alive with a few supplements and a diet of crickets.

First of all you will need to know what lizard you have as the diet will depend on the kind of lizard.

For example a bearded dragons are omnivorous.

A good diet for bearded dragons include:

  • mice
  • crickets
  • leafy greens

For geckos:

  • insects
  • sweet fruits
  • baby food made from fruit (as a treat)

For iguanas:

  • vegetables
  • greens
  • fruits

It is good to remember that lizards like a good chance and because of that fact live worms and crickets are much better than dead ones. Its possible they will not eat dead ones because they do not have the excitement of the chase.