What Do Moles Eat

What Do Moles Eat

Moles are family Talpidae animals that live underground in their tunnels that they dig. They love living underground and make mole hills that popup out of the ground wherever they make them.

Since moles live mostly underground the foods they enjoy eat are mostly creepy crawlies.

Moles have a few defining characteristics such as their very tiny eyes, their sturdy bodies, and their short limbs.


As mentioned above the main thing that moles like to feast on our insects as they can be found under ground.

For the most part moles are insectivores but there are some exceptions from time to time. While they are digging in the ground they will eat larvae of insects such as Trichoptera or caddisflies.

As well they will eat insects they find in water such as Beetles. They actually make up a large part of their diet.

Other Mole Foods

Aside from insects moles love to swim and are good swimmers. Therefore they will eat such foods as leeches, slugs, centipedes and spiders.

As well some moles will eat larger critters such as vertebrates like rodents and reptiles.

They will also eat some tiny fish and once in awhile some plants. However plants are a very small part of their diets. If a mole was to eat plants they prefer the ones that are more mushy because of the moisture.


Large earthworms are actually one of moles most favorite meals.

They actually like them so much that they will store worms for later consumption.  If there is an excess of worms to be found moles will make sure to store as many of them as they can find to eat later.


Moles have a very high appetite because their metabolism works so quickly.

What this means is that a mole will need to eat 2 – 3 times their body weight in food each day and cannot go for more than 12 hours without eating food.

Therefore moles are always eating it seems.


Moles like to eat the following foods in general:

  • Earthworms
  • Tiny Fish
  • Rodents
  • Reptiles
  • Plants
  • larvae of insects
  • beetles