What Do Moths Eat

What Do Moths Eat

So what exactly do moths eat? The simple and short answer is anything that can be dissolved in water.

The main thing a moth enjoys to eat is nectar from flowers but in addition it will also eat animal dung, tree sap, bird droppings, rotten fruit and pollen.

Moths are attracted to sodium which can be found in sweat and salt. This is often why butterflies will land on people in Butterfly parks so that they can get the sweat off of people.

Sodium they absorb is vital for reproduction along with some other minerals.

Details About Moths

Moths are part of the Lepidoptera type which is a class of Insect.

In this particular group there are over 150 thousand known species.  Moths come in different families and each family likes to eat different foods.

Majority of moths will suck the nectar of plants.

Moths from the family Tineidae are pests of silken and woolen cloths and therefore will often eat Mulberry leaves.

Most adult moths actually do not eat at all and instead drink what nutrients they need. They use a long narrow straw like tube in their mouth called a proboscis to ingest their food.

How To Avoid Moth Infestation In Your House

Moths love to hide in places such as crawlspaces, closets, basements and pantries. They prefer ares that are void of light and dark.

In addition they may end up in your closet in your clothing causing a lot of damage to your wardrobe.

It isn’t the adult moths that are the problem but the larvae which feed on materials such as: fur, feathers, wool, silk, felt and hair.

As well they will get into your pantry and eat cream, grains, oatmeal and cream of wheat.

Some things you can do to protect your clothing is to make sure you brush your coats and clothes before storing them in your closet. Make sure that you do not find any moth eggs or larvae on them.

Another option is to vacuum your clothing before you put them away.

As well you can seal your clothing in bags or cardboard boxes to avoid moths attacking them.

The final option is putting your clothing in heavy paper bags as moths cannot eat or chew through paper.

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