What Do Turtles Eat?

What Do Turtles Eat In The Wild

What Do Turtles Eat

A turtle will eat many different things depending on the type of turtle it is and its natural surrounding habitat.

Typical things a turtle will eat in the wild include:

  • snails
  • worms
  • small insects
  • dead marine fish and animals

For the most part a turtle is carnivorous at a young age and then as they grow older they will slowly transition into eating vegetation and plants.

What Do Sea Turtles Eat

Sea turtles come in a variety of different subspecies and therefore depending on the subspecies the diets of sea turtles will slightly vary.

Majority of sea turtles will eat:

  • soft sealife
  • jellyfish
  • sponges
  • shellfish (those turtles with stronger jaws)

Some sea turtles are herbivores and they will not eat any meat at all and therefore they will eat:

  • algae
  • sea vegetation

What Do Snapping Turtles Eat

A snapping turtle normally would like to have a mostly live food diet.

One of the favorite foods of a snapping turtle are gold fish and minnows.

Additionally a snapping turtle enjoys eating crickets and crayfish which can be found at bait shops and pet stores.

If a live fish diet isn’t an option the other thing that snapping turtles can eat are frozen fish that are non-fatty from the grocery store.

As well a snapping turtle should be eating some fruits and vegetables.

Some supplements and vitamins are also good for turtles who are kept as pets as they don’t get the same nutrients they would get in the wild. You can find out what kinds they need by talking to a veterinarian.

What Do Painted Turtles Eat

Painted turtles are found throughout North America and are fresh water turtles.

They eat all types of:

  • bugs
    • worms
    • crickets
  • leafy vegetation
  • small fresh water shellfish
  • other fish

If you have a painted turtle as a pet it may be a good idea to have a separate feeding tank for them as they are messy eaters and they will contaminate their tank while eating.

In order to maintain a healthy shell a painted turtle will need a lot of calcium in their diet.

Turtles cannot have any diary and therefore the calcium supplement is a good way for a turtle to get the nutrients they need.

What Do You Feed A Turtle

Before you start to feed your turtle you will need to determine the age of the turtle and the type of turtle it is.

Depending on their natural habitat a turtle will have a different diet.

So the question is what do turtles eat?

Most turtles are meat eaters when they are young and plant eaters when they get older.

Adult turtles diets for protein include:

  • cooked eggs
  • leafy vegetables
  • insects
  • cooked meat
  • flowers
  • fruits

Never give your turtle dairy products as it will hurt their stomach.

What Do Baby Turtles Eat

A baby turtles diet usually changes from baby to adult but this also depends on the type of turtle it is.

Many baby turtles will eat meat while they are young and gradually transition to plants as they get older.

A red-eared slider baby turtle likes to eat:

  • earthworms
  • crickets
  • snails

A baby green sea turtle likes to eat:

  • squid
  • crab

A baby loggerhead turtle has a very strong jaw and therefore will eat things with hard shells such as crabs.

Then there are some turtles that will have the same diet when they are babies and adults.

Carnivorous baby turtles that only eat meat will eat fish, insects and possibly even other turtles. Snapping baby turtles sometimes confuse other turtle’s tails as worms.